Building and using political, economic, and cultural power of people of color is our approach to interrupting the cycle of economic oppression. Liberation in a Generation supports national and community organizing groups, activists, and advocates who work tirelessly on building this power and who want to change the rules of our economy. We support this by:

  • Co-creating a big, transformative policy platform that centers the economic liberation of people of color; that is informed by and ground truthed by those most impacted,
  • Partnering with storytellers to narrate a new worldview that envisions an economy this nation has never seen.
  • Listening for opportunities to mobilize a base of people of color to take action.

We partner with organizing groups that want to lead our national policy debate about the intersections of race and the economy as a way to energize political action. Connect with us if you believe in building:

  • the political power necessary to rewrite the economic rules, 
  • the cultural power needed to rewrite our stories of what is possible, and 
  • the economic power to achieve liberation.