Our Policy Platform

To achieve Liberation in a Generation we must completely redesign and restructure the national policies that hold up our economy.  This policy platform is bold, comprehensive, and, yes, costly. However, it is the price our nation must pay to undo centuries of oppression we’ve suffered at the hands of the elite who’ve profited from our pain.  Liberation in a Generation, and our partners across the country, call on our elected officials to enact this policy platform, because another generation should not suffer from the current Oppression Economy. 

This is a policy platform in development. Read through and connect with us to shape this platform.

Dismantling an Oppression Economy

In the Oppression Economy, in which we currently live, racism is profitable.  Since the first settlers arrived in the US, and in this very moment, elite institutions, and the individuals who control them have used racist tools of theft, exclusion, and exploitation to expand their wealth and power.  We must expunge the racist economic structures that fuel the Oppression Economy. 


Building a Liberation Economy

The Liberation Economy has never existed in the United States of America.  To achieve liberation we must act with courage to envision a world that does not currently exist. The Liberation Economy is one that serves the basic needs of people of color, where we find safety and security, and where we are valued. Our public, corporate and non-profit institutions create a sense of inclusion, belonging, and deservedness. The policies we will enact through this platform will provide for our basic economic rights and elevate our humanity. By building a Liberation Economy we will embark on the final steps along the long road to freedom we have traveled for centuries.