Curb Corporate Power and Influence

Elite corporations and the people who run them are the architects and stewards of the Oppression Economy. They represent an array of industries: financial services, healthcare, education, restaurant, entertainment, retail, and more. They have amassed an obscene amount of wealth using theft, exclusion, and exploitation to profit from racist systems and to build their political influence on the rules that govern them. When they wield their concentrated economic power, we see federal and state governments collude to further feed corporate economic growth and starve the economic and political power of people of color. The primacy of shareholder return at the expense of worker pay, the advantages the tax code provides to capital but not labor, and our pay-to-play democracy are just a few hallmarks of this imbalance of concentrated corporate power and corrupted public power. In addition to the solutions below, we must break up monopolies and reform the ways corporations are governed to limit their power, reclaim our political economy, and end the Oppression Economy.