All people of color will be valued and compensated appropriately

Our nation’s history of elite institutions undervaluing and stealing the labor of people of color didn’t end with the emancipation of enslaved people. In the Oppression Economy, it is tragically accepted that Black unemployment rates are stubbornly double that of Whites. Consider practices such as racial discrimination in hiring practices that undervalue the qualifications of people of color. While illegal, racialized wage theft continues in the form of employees not receiving proper payment for all hours worked, not receiving overtime payments, tip misappropriation, and more, which undercuts the value of employment for people of color. The erosion of employee benefits and worker rights, and more insidious situations such as company buybacks of shares, are just a few of the ways that elite institutions and their policies have stolen the earnings of workers of color. In a Liberation Economy, we will not tolerate this theft.

A Liberation Economy must ensure that people of color can reap the benefits of their labor and be valued for our economic contributions. Help us identify the right policies that will put us on that path. Here are some ideas we have identified so far: