Adrien Lorenzo Weibgen

Grassroots Relationships Manager

Adrien is committed to supporting historically excluded communities to build power, disrupt broken systems, and create transformative change. They have more than fifteen years of experience in policy, advocacy, popular education, and organizing work, and over the last 7 years, they have focused specifically on providing technical assistance and policy support to grassroots groups and coalitions working to foster communities where all of us can thrive. Adrien brings a deep analysis of structural racism to these efforts, developed over the course of a career focused on neighborhood inequality, housing, segregation, and the criminal legal system. They have learned most of what they know from working in close partnership with directly impacted community members and organizers.

A first-generation American on both sides, Adrien grew up in northern New Jersey in a community unique for its racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious diversity. As part of a mixed-race, mixed-class, mixed-ability, and blended family, Adrien experienced from an early age how dynamics of privilege and oppression shape all of our lives, and became committed to ensuring that every one of us can access stability, freedom, and joy. Their commitment to liberation also stems from their experiences within queer and trans communities that continue to live on the margins, and elite educational institutions that reify structural inequity. Adrien is a graduate of Yale Law School and Wesleyan University and is a trained mediator. They live in Flatbush, Brooklyn with their partner, a dance artist and end-of-life doula.

Pronouns: they/them