Formed in 2018, Liberation in a Generation is a national movement support organization building the power of people of color to totally transform the economy—who controls it, how it works, and most importantly, for whom. We bring together advocates, community organizers, economists, and other proven and emerging leaders of color across the country to build a Liberation Economy, within one generation. Liberation in a Generation is incubating in PolicyLink.


We aim to create political and economic change where people of color prosper. This means tearing down systems of oppression that extract from, devalue, and exploit Black, Latinx, low and moderate income Asians, and Indigenous people. It means building a Liberation Economy where all people of color have our basic needs met, are safe from harm, are valued, and belong.


We believe that it is possible to create an economy where all Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous, and Pacific Islander people thrive—in one generation. To accomplish this we must fight to dismantle what we call the Oppression Economy. Today, elite institutions use racism as a tool to expand their wealth and power and suppress the wealth of people of color through theft, exploitation, and exclusion. Suppressing economic power leads to suppression of political power to influence policies that oversee resources. The elite institutions that control resources use that control to change the rules of our economy in their favor, which continues the cycle of profit.

Cycle of economic oppression

Further, we must build a Liberation Economy in which all people of color:

  • Have basic needs met. Income to buy food and shelter, healthcare, etc.
  • Are safe and secure. Free from economic and physical exploitation or targeting. 
  • Are valued. People of color reap the benefits of their labor and are compensated for all types of contributions to our economy and society.
  • Belong. Especially those with criminal records and those who have immigrated to this country.  
Defining a Liberation Economy