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Corporate Power

From Big Business to a liberation economy: A racial justice agenda for reining in monopoly power

Accelerating corporate concentration poses an existential threat to our democracy, our communities, and our planet. In From Big Business to a Liberation Economy: A Racial Justice Agenda to Rein in Monopoly Power, authors Jeremie Greer, Emanuel Nieves, Solana Rice, Azza Altiraifi, and Adrien Weibgen expose the anti-competitive tactics Big Businesses wield to assert their monopoly power, and outline policy and research pathways anchored in racial justice to disrupt and dismantle today’s Big Business-fueled Oppression Economy

New Report

The From Big Business to a Liberation Economy report builds on LibGen’s longstanding commitment to center communities of color in anti-monopoly policy development, research, and organizing. The racial justice antimonopoly agenda detailed in the report is the outcome of an extensive collaborative process spearheaded by LibGen that convened over 70 participants representing a diverse range of policy, research, academic, philanthropic, and grassroots movement formations. 

Ultimately, we believe that the struggle against concentrated corporate power is central to the work of building a Liberation Economy. 

Report Toplines Include:
  • Analysis of the racist consequences of the Big Business fueled Oppression Economy and four approaches to transform our political economy:
    • Abolish monopoly power; 
    • Abolish shareholder capitalism and extractive financial markets;
    • End corporate capture of public goods and democracy; 
    • Build worker and community power. 
  • Several policy solutions that could pave the way toward a Liberation Economy including:
    • Policy reforms that redistribute power to make corporations accountable to communities, including federal corporate charters and redistributive tax reforms;
    • Strategies to build worker power and equalize the labor market, including sectoral bargaining;
    • Policies to break the financial sector’s grip on our economy and democracy, including publicly funded retirement for all and public banking;
    • Policies to restore the public provision of life-sustaining goods and services through a slate of government guarantees to healthcare, debt-free college, housing, and more.



Jeremie Greer and Solana Rice argue for organizers of color to be embedded—and centered—in the anti-monopoly fight. A call for antiracist activism and advocacy, the report also serves as a historical primer for grassroots people and campaigns.

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