Policy goals: End Our Political Disenfranchisement

Remove Money in Politics

Look at what’s happening in politics. What’s talking the loudest is money.”

Justice Sonia Sotomayor

In today’s Oppression Economy, elite institutions use their purchased political power to manipulate US democracy and engross their wealth by exploiting people of color. They are allowed to do this because of the sheer amount of money entangled in our electoral and legislative systems. Furthermore, due to the systematic theft, exclusion, and exploitation that has constrained the wealth of people of color, we have limited ability to participate in the pay-to-play political system the elite have created. The only accountability mechanism at our disposal is the ballot box. However, unless alternative methods of campaign finance are identified, even this lever will be diminished. This will require comprehensive campaign finance reform that amplifies the voices of everyday voters and mutes the voices of those who can purchase larger microphones. Big money must be removed from our politics! Help us identify the right policies that will put us on that path. Here are some ideas we have identified so far:

policies for consideration:
  • Public financing of elections.
  • Empowerment of small donors (donation matching, voter allowances).
  • Removal of dark money.