Guaranteed Healthcare

In the United States, while economic stability is essential, good health forms the bedrock of a fulfilling life. Yet, the prevailing Oppression Economy disproportionately burdens people of color with staggering health disparities, stemming from systemic racism and economically driven decisions. These inequalities encompass maternal mortality rates, infant mortality rates, chronic health conditions, mental health access, and the disproportionate impact of diseases like COVID-19. These disparities underscore the urgent need for a comprehensive healthcare transformation. Our current healthcare landscape, reliant on a blend of public and private programs, perpetuates conditional care, often linking access to economic status. This unjust reality results in millions being uninsured or underinsured, struggling to access affordable healthcare. Families are forced into medical debt, stifling their economic potential and access to credit. Notably, people of color are more likely to bear this burden.

To achieve a Liberation Economy that prioritizes the needs of people of color, safety, and value, healthcare must be universally acknowledged as an inherent human right. Dismantling the current conditional healthcare system is imperative, necessitating the establishment of a new healthcare paradigm that guarantees comprehensive, accessible, and affordable care for all, irrespective of societal standing. Achieving this transformation mandates replacing the predominantly private healthcare system with a public one, grounded in meeting individuals’ needs and away from profit-centric motives. By instituting healthcare for all, disparities in coverage can be eradicated, fostering a healthier, more prosperous society.

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