Guaranteed Housing

In the United States, housing is a fundamental human right that should be accessible to all, yet this ideal remains elusive, particularly for Black, Indigenous, Latine, Arab, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Pacific Islanderindividuals. Instead, they face a housing market that prioritizes profit over public welfare, creating an oppressive cycle that suppresses economic and political potential. The private housing market, a cornerstone of the Oppression Economy, has been manipulated to perpetuate racism and discrimination, disproportionately affecting people of color. Rooted in historical injustices like redlining and urban renewal, our housing system has systematically disadvantaged communities of color. Driven by racist policies and corporate interests, this system has deepened economic inequalities and perpetuated white supremacy. The ongoing housing crisis exposes the harsh reality: instead of offering stability, our current housing system exploits the vulnerable, all while serving the interests of those in power.

In our vision of a Liberation Economy, racial inequalities within the housing market will be dismantled, and all people of color will have an assured right to safe and secure housing, free from economic exploitation. To achieve this, we stand alongside community organizers, tenants, and leaders of color, advocating for the establishment of a federal Homes Guarantee—a transformative solution that aims to provide housing for every person in need. The Homes Guarantee, championed by People’s Action and developed with input from tenants, public housing residents, and those experiencing homelessness, envisions a new era of housing justice. Centered on the creation of 12 million units of social housing within a decade, this program seeks to break free from market-driven housing policies and ensure permanent affordability for all. In a Liberation Economy, housing justice is not an afterthought—it’s a cornerstone. By dismantling systemic racism within the housing market, the Homes Guarantee paves the way for a future where all people of color can thrive without fear of losing their economic security. 

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