Kathy Diaz

Grassroots Partnerships Coordinator

Kathy Diaz (she/they/ella) Kathy is a facilitator and community organizer. She is a Latinx first-gen immigrant who has supported many campaigns and initiatives for immigrants’ rights, workers rights, language justice and climate justice in the U.S. and beyond. During her time at Liberation in a Generation she has worked in allyship with over 90 organizations at the national, state and local levels.  Prior to moving into movement support work, Kathy focused on immigrants’ rights and electoral organizing. Alongside her team at Mijente, Kathy demonstrated that Latinx folks have political power with or without papers in the Gente4Abrams campaign, increasing the Latinx vote by fourfold in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial primaries and helping to flip the state in 2021. She also led teams in North Carolina’s FueraTrump campaign to get Trump out of office.

Kathy sharpened her ability to bring people of diverse experiences into progressive movement spaces through years of working at a café inside the Atlanta airport and a lifetime of having friends and family across the political spectrum. Kathy’s facilitation creates spaces where participants feel comfortable to explore difficult conversations and are vulnerable enough to learn out loud. Her specialty is in tailoring and holding spaces for diverse participants.